Whining Sound from Left front wheel and Starter problem

2000 2500 CTD
I just started getting a whining sound coming from my above noted wheel. It sounds just like a mud tires on the highway. The sound
becomes prominent at about 55 MPH and will cease if I apply the brakes or turn the steering to the left.
Could it be the wheel bearing?
Also just before this started happening I went out to start the truck. It was not driven for a few days and tried to start it. As soon and I turned the key the starter engaged for a fraction of a second then quit. I kept trying but no turn over or nothing.
There were codes, but not anymore. I can replicate it needed. So I asked a diesel mechanic, but he only works on Ford and Chevys, says he knows nothing about Cummins. He said to him it sounds like the starter solenoid has gone bad and try to jump the two wiring connections to see if it would start. If so then it would be the solenoidin the starter. He said I might try taking a hammer to bang on it a little to see if it may jarr the solenoid loose.
I though I would ask here before continuing. Autozone has a new starter for about $160. Maybe cheaper to install a wire with a momentary switch than a buying new starter just for the solenoid .;-)
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