Fiat Customer Service - Brazil

First, do not recommend I contact my local dealership. I do not speak Portuguese and none of the support people here speak English and they
do not want to help you in any way (you try calling there, 0800-99-1000). Your internet site has no English translation, so I am on my own. I have owned two Fiats in the past 5 years. The first dealer my wife and I bought out car treated us terribly after the sale and made us wait and wait for just an acknoledgement we were there for service. We bought a new car at another dealership, the same thing happened... worse, they could not get the accessories we wanted on our new car... we went to another dealership. This new one, we knew one of the salesmen very well, we let his dealership perform all or out regular service. He even would call and remind us when to come in for our regular service checks. One day I was close to a dealership that was built recently near our house, I needed a new lens for an interrior light, I thought I would check them out. They wanted a small amount for the part but hundreds of Reis (Brazilian currency) to install the part, and worse... the part was not in stock! I went back to my regular dealer, bought the part and the part sales man showed me how to put the part in in less than 20 seconds! Imagine my surprise when I went in for my two year service to be told that my car service history was missing from their computer! They accused me and my wife of lying and false representation! Here I am ready to pay for my regular oil and filter change and service and the man was refusing my business! I am quite well known by all the service people there at the entrance and they were equally surprised by my leaving in such a hurry from the representative's office! One more thing... I am a computer technician... your computer in the service isle has the BugBear virus and it has a dead battery. With this condition, all tour printed recripts will be printed with the wrong date and anything entered into your system will be incorrect too AND you risk loosing all your data! I believe the management of this dealership has changed to the same as your other three locations in our city. I even talked to our friend the salesman, he had bad customer's checks charged against his pay!!!!! What is this, your dealership doesn't know how to collect a customer's check? How can a salesman sell your products now after this? Thank GOD the check was for an accessory and not a car! The man had a new baby and a wife to support. There are no more dealerships to try in our city. We feel Fiat has a good and dependable product, but where can we receive authorized service with proper respect for the customer and at a reasonable price?
PS I am also posting this to the ALT.AUTOS.FIAT newsgroup.
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