1989 Chevy Camaro R/S

Hey all, I'm new to this form but at this point i'm getting pretty desperate and don't know what to do. I bought the car back in march, ecstatic that i got such a great deal. I paid $1,000, it was a mechanic's car who was out of work and needed the money. At first all was well. Then I began to notice it would shift and start very high, I'm talking cold start at 3,000 - 35k. Idle at 3k. When driving shifts out of first at 65k then stays high until second at 70k or 65k what ever it feels like, shifts smoothly though. I had an older friend who used to race old muscle ride it and he told me that it probably isn't the tranny, but more likely the tps. I know it probably doesn't matter but, i replaced the pcv valve, air filter, and fixed the cruise control (a vacuum hose was split). I have not changed the tranny fluid, oil, only flushed the radiator coolent. After riding for about 30 mins at 55+ the check engine light comes on. I used a jumper to check the computer and the computer continuously flashed 12. Which according to all research I have done is normal. I know there is a problem. But I do know what it is. Before i order the TPS, which apparently no one carries, i would like to get a general idea. Thank you in advanced for reading and any advice and help. -Cam
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Cameron Coppoletta
If I recall correctly, you jump the connector with the engine off. 12 means (if I'm remembering it right) that the distributor isn't turning...obviously normal. :)
If it just repeats 12 as the second 'error' then no other errors have been set. Could be a TPS, or it could be the IAC (Idle Air Controller)
Good luck either way...
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