1986 Ford F150 351V8 Will No Longer Start

Ok. Here's the deal. I just bought this truck about a week and a half ago. When I went to go buy the truck, it started fine (of course) and
ran great. The next day, the truck had a hard time starting. It turned over fine, had to pump the gas a little (chock does not work, but then again I have owned many vehicles where the choke did not work and pumping the gas combined with a little fancy foot work, would always get it started) Once I got it started, I let it run for about 30 seconds and tried to back up (boom, cut off) Ok, fine. I'll let you warm up for about 5 mins then. After that, it ran fine. Turned it off, waited a few minutes, started back up great. Ok...I let it sit for about a week. I go to start it, pump a few times....hmmmm....give it a sec.....turning, turning, turning (at normal pace, not slow or anything), pump a few more times...hmmm....give it a minute or so....put pedal to floor and turning, turning. Hmmm. let me make sure fuel is getting in the motor. I took off the air cleaner, pull throttle..good, I see fuel going into the carb. Go back and try, again...and again...turning, turning, turning. NOTHING...not even a little hope. The truck looks like it had a tune up recently, new cap, rotor, plugs, wires, coil, alternator,etc. I'm at a loss. One more thing. When the truck was running, whenever I was at idle and would begin to give it gas, it would hesitate for a second, and then take off fine. I could floor it or be gentle, same thing. Don't know if it means anything, but thought I would share. Motor has 140K on it. Carburetor is a 2 Barrel.
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