302 performance build.

We have a forged crank,conn rods, C6 trans, compcams valve rockers,headers and a carter AFB 650 cfm carb already.
The engine is a windsor, year 1971, castnumber D1OE-6015-AA, 4 inch bore.
Shopping list:
ARP-154-3601 Cylinder Head Bolts, High Performance, Hex Head, Ford, 289-302, Kit
ARP-154-7005 Oil Pump Fasteners, Bolts, Pump to Pickup, Hex Head, Chromemoly, Black Oxide, Ford, V8, Kit
ARP-254-1802 Oil Pan Bolts, Black Oxide, Hex Head, Ford, Small Block/Cleveland, Kit
CCA-104 Assembly Lubricant, for Engine Assembly, 8 oz.,
CCA-159 Assembly Lubricant, Oil Supplement, for Camshaft Break-In, 12 fluid oz., Each
CCA-3120TB Thrust Plate and Roller Bearing, Ford, Small Block, Each
CCA-351001 Hydraulic Roller Lifter Installation Hardware, Ford, Small Block, 5.0/5.8L, Kit
CCA-4936 Sportsman Degree Wheel Kit, All V8 Ford, Buick, Pontiac, Kit
CCA-7705 Pushrod Length Checkers, Adjustment Range 5.800 in. to 9.800 in., Ball Ends, Set of 4
CCA-851-16 Lifters, Hydraulic Roller, Ford/Lincoln/Mercury, Set of 16
CCA-K31-432-8 Cam/Lifters/Valvetrain, Hydraulic Roller Tappet, Advertised Duration 281/281, Lift .512/.512, Ford,221-302,Kit
EDL-1715 Fuel Pump, Mechanical, Super Series, Ford, 289/302/351W, Each
EDL-4250 Timing Cover, 1-Piece, Aluminum, Natural, Ford, 289/302/351W, Each
EDL-7121 Intake Manifold, Performer RPM, Dual Plane, Aluminum, Natural, Square Bore, Ford, 289/302, Each
EDL-8190 Fuel Pressure Regulator, Black, 4 1/2-9 psi, Universal, Each
FMS-M-12270-A302 Distributor Hold-Down Clamp, Steel, Chrome, Bolt Mount, Ford, Big Block/Boss/Cleveland/Small Block/Modified
FMS-M-6003-A50 Gaskets, Full Set, Ford, 289/302/351W, Set
LCT-37467 Sealant, RTV 598, Silcone, Black, 80 ml, Each
MEL-DG62C Oil Pump Drive Gear
MIL-16231 Water Pump, Mechanical, High-Volume, Aluminum, Natural, Ford, 302/351W,
MIL-18800 Oil Pump, High-Volume, Standard Pressure, Ford, Small Block, Each
MOR-20502 Oil Pan, Steel, Natural, 7 qt., Ford, 289/302, Each
MOR-22928 Main Cap Girdle, Steel, Ford 1963-2001, 289/302, Kit
MOR-22930 Windage Tray, Steel, Louvered, Rear Sump, Ford, Small Block, Each
MOR-24520 Oil Pickup, Bolt-In, Aftermarket Pan Style, Ford, Small Block, Each
MOR-38192 Windage Tray Stud Kit, 8740 Chromemoly, Black Oxide, Ford, 351,
MOR-62210 Oil Pump Primer, Ford, Small Block/Big Block FE,
MOR-68785 Valve Cover Breather, Bolt-On, Round, Steel, Zinc Plated, Plain, set of 2
MRG-6129 Water Pump Pulley Shims, Aluminum, Set of 3
MSD-31879 Spark Plug Wire Set, Super Conductor, 8.5mm, Silicone, Male/HEI, Set
MSD-6420 Ignition Box, MSD 6AL, Analog CD, with Rev Limiter, Red, Each
MSD-8202 Ignition Coil, Blaster 2, Canister, Round, Oil Filled, Red, 45,000 V, Each
MSD-8479 Distributor, Pro-Billet Street, Magnetic Trigger, Vacuum Advance, Ford, 289-302, Each
SLP-E-251K Piston Rings, Moly, 4.000 in. Bore, 5/64 in., 5/64 in., 3/16 in. Thickness, 8-Cylinder, Set of 8
SME-2804 Ignition Box Mounts, Bracket, Aluminum, Natural, MSD 5/6/Crane HI-6 Series Ignitions, Universal, Kit
SUM-360160 Thermostat, Stainless Steel/Copper/Brass, 160 Degree, High-Flow, Each
SUM-C4269 Harmonic Balancer, SFI, External/Internal Balance, Steel, Clearcoated, Ford, 289/302/351W,
SUM-G1423 Carburetor Studs, Steel, Zinc Plated, 5/16-18/24 in. x 1.700 in. Long, Kit
SUM-G1579HS Bolts, Intake Manifold, Stainless Steel, Natural, Hex Head, Ford, 260-302/351W, Kit
SUM-G3862 Coil Bracket, Steel, Chrome, Canister-Style, Universal, Each
TFS-2145001C Carburetor Spacer, Phenolic, Natural, 1 in. Thick, Open, Cloverleaf Pattern, Each
TFS-51400002 Cylinder Heads, Twisted Wedge, Aluminum, Assembled, 61cc Chamber, 170cc Intake Runner, Ford, 289/302/351W,Pair
TFS-51400265 Fitting, Thermactor Plug, Steel, Zinc Plated, 5/8 in.-11 Male Thread, Each set of 4
TFS-51400420 Cylinder Head Dowels, .675 in. Outside Diameter, .650 in. Height, Ford, Windsor/Cleveland/Modified, Set of 4
TFS-51400800 Filler Tube, Oil, Billet Aluminum, Natural, O-Rings, Cap, Ford, 5.0/5.8L EFI, Kit
TFS-51400802 Valve Covers, Tall, Cast Aluminum, Silver, Trick Flow Logo, Ford, Small Block, Pair
UEM-KB312-8 Pistons, Hypereutectic, Dome Top, 4.000 in. Bore,5/64 in.,5/64 in.,3/16 in. Ring Grooves,Ford,289/302,Set of 8 made to fit trickflow heads. approx 10.5:1 comp ratio.
UEM-PRL99-3 Wrist Pin Retainers, Spiro Lox, .912 in. Diameter, .020 in. Thick, Each
UEM-R61 Wrist Pin, Lightweight, 107 gram, 2.750 in x .927 in Each
ARP-200-2902 Flexplate Bolts, Pro Series, 7/16 x 20 RH, .680 in. Length, Chevy/Ford, Set of 6
MRG-6717 Flanged Nut, Ford, Torque Converter to Flex Plate, .375-24, Set of 4
TCI-529628 Flexplate, 164-Tooth, External Balance, 2-Piece Rear Main Seal, SFI 29.1 Ford, Small Block/351WCM/400
to be included, misc heat sheilds, headers wrap and wiring.
all parts from http://www.summitracing.com /
379 FT/LBS torq at 5000 rpm, 434 HP at 7000 rpm ( dyno2000 engine sim software )
Do you gurus have any comments ?
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