88 Lincoln Mark VII Suspension/Steering Problems

88 Lincoln Mark VII with 160,000 miles has a couple of problems when the temperature in Las Vegas reaches 95 degrees or higher. So that means every morning in the summer its ok but by noon
the problems begin. The suspension starts squeaking or thumping. its a hard sound to describe. its like the rubber components are sticking. A couple of things happen. It causes the steering to stick, then let go, then stick, then let go. This happens when most noticeably when driving on the highway and trying to make slight steering corrections. The thumping also occurs when the brakes are applied and the front end dips / lowers in increments with each thump the front lowers a little more. Usually 3 or 4 thumps and drops per breaking. Then as the car stops or the breaking is complete the front comes back up with the same grabbing then thump/release. Last year i tried spraying all the rubber components i could see with different kinds of lubricants but no luck. Its summer again and the thumping / sticking is back. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
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