99 Taurus 3.0L OHV AX4N Right Halfshaft

Does anyone have any experience replacing one of these halfshafts. The inboard joint on the halfshaft is wobbly at the transaxle. I'm concerned
about the output shaft or the bearing inside the transaxle being worn. What are the chances that the transaxle is OK? The Haynes Manual claims the axle nut and the clip for the output shaft has to be replaced. Is this true? I have no idea what the clip looks like. I have to get all of the parts to do this, because once I take it apart I have no way to get parts. Pictures or drawings would help!
Thanks, Rich
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ralong8 wrote:

1. CAUTION: Do not begin this removal procedure unless the following parts are available:
-    A new front axle wheel hub retainer assembly.
-    A new lower control arm-to-steering knuckle pinch bolt and nut.
- A new driveshaft bearing retainer circlip.
    Once removed, these parts must not be reused during assembly. Their torque-holding ability or retention capability is diminished during removal.
    Remove wheelcover/hub cover from wheel and tire assembly and loosen lug nuts.
2.    CAUTION: Discard the front axle wheel/hub retainer nut. It is a torque prevailing design and cannot be reused.
    After raising the vehicle on a frame contact hoist and removing the wheel and tire assembly, remove the front axle wheel hub retainer.
3.    Remove stabilizer bar link top retaining nut with box end wrench while holding stud with socket.
4.    Remove stabilizer bar link from front strut. Position out of way.
5.    CAUTION: Never use a hammer to separate the outboard front wheel driveshaft joint stub shaft from the hub. Damage to the front wheel driveshaft joint threads and internal components may result.
    Install Front Hub Remover/Replacer T81P-1104-C and Two Stud Adapter T86P-1104-A1, Metric Hub Remover Adapters T83P-1104-BH and Front Hub Replacer T81P-1104-A.
    Push front wheel driveshaft joint only to the point that the splines are free in the hub. Remove puller (assembled tool).
6.    Remove and discard lower ball joint nut. Using Ball Joint Remover T96P-3010-A, Tie Rod End Remover Adapter T81P-3504-W and Pitman Arm Puller T64P-3590-F, separate lower ball joint from front suspension lower arm.
7.    Using Rotunda Spring Compressor 164-R3571 or equivalent, compress front coil spring until ball joint stud is free from front suspension lower arm. Pull hub and strut assembly outward, remove CV joint stub shaft from hub, rest halfshaft on frame rail.
8.    Assemble CV Joint Puller T86P-3515-A1, CV Joint Puller Extension T86P-3514-A2 and Impact Slide Hammer D79P-100-A or equivalent. Insert CV joint puller adapter behind inboard CV joint housing.
9.    Use impact slide hammer to release circlip.
10.    Remove halfshaft assembly and tools from vehicle.
1.    CAUTION: DO NOT reuse circlip. A new circlip must be installed each time the inboard CV joint housing is installed into the transaxle differential. Clean seal journal before installing. Polish with fine emery paper if required.
    Note: To properly install the circlip, start one end in the groove and work the circlip over the inboard CV joint housing end and into the groove. This will avoid over-expanding the circlip.
    Install a new circlip on the inboard CV joint housing.
2.    Note: A non-metallic mallet may be used to aid in seating the circlip into the differential side gear groove. If a mallet is necessary, tap only on the outboard CV joint stub shaft.
    Carefully align splines of inboard CV joint housing with the splines in the differential side gear. Exerting some force, push inboard CV joint into differential side gear until the circlip is felt to seat in the differential side gear.
    Use care to prevent damage to the inboard cv joint stub shaft pilot bearing housing seal (4B416).
3.    Carefully align splines of front wheel driveshaft joint with splines in wheel hub and push the shaft into the wheel hub as far as possible.
4.    CAUTION: A new front axle wheel hub retainer must be installed.
    Install a new front axle wheel hub retainer. Manually thread the front axle wheel hub retainer onto the front wheel driveshaft joint threads as far as possible.
5.    Release Rotunda Spring Compressor 164-R3571 or equivalent while guiding lower ball joint into front suspension lower arm. Install new lower ball joint nut. Tighten to 68-92 N-m (51-67 lb-ft).
6.    Install stabilizer bar link to front shock absorber and install a new nut. Tighten to 77-103 N-m (57-75 lb-ft).
7.    CAUTION: Do not use power tool to tighten front axle wheel hub retainer. Use torque wrench.
    With steel rod inserted in front disc brake rotor, tighten front axle wheel hub retainer to 245-270 N-m (180-200 lb-ft) as shown.
8.    Install tire and wheel. Tighten lug nuts to 115-142 N-m (85-104 lb-ft).
9.    Lower vehicle.
10.    Fill transaxle to proper level with specified fluid.
11.    Pump brake pedal prior to moving vehicle to position brake linings.
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