Alternator Replacement Difficulty

We have a 2000 Taurus with the 24 valve motor and it is only putting out 12.8 volts. Our 06 Taurus is putting out 14 volts. It has a new
battery and the Sears guy said the alternator is bad. How hard is it to replace it? Or do we suck it in and let someone do it for us? Dan
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Upload wrote:

1.    Disconnect the battery ground cable.
2.    Remove the accessory drive belt from the generator pulley.
3.    Remove the power steering line bracket and heater hose support bracket from the generator.
4.    Remove the upper generator bolts.
5.    Partially raise the vehicle on a hoist.
6.    Remove the right front wheel.
7.    Remove the lower fender splash shield retainers and position the shield out of the way.
8.    Remove the generator splash shield.
9.    Raise the vehicle.
10.    Disconnect the electrical connector and remove the battery positive cable from the generator.
11.    Position an adjustable stand to the subframe.
12.    Remove the right subframe bolts.
13.    Remove the lower generator bolt.
14.    Lower the subframe to provide clearance.
15.    Remove the generator.
1.    Note: Do not tighten the lower bolt.
    Install the generator and the lower bolt.
2.    Raise the subframe and install the subframe bolts. Tighten the bolts to 90 N-m (66 lb-ft).
3.    Remove the adjustable stand.
4.    Lower the vehicle.
5.    Install the upper generator bolts and tighten them to 25 N-m (18 lb-ft).
6.    Install the power steering line bracket and the heater hose support bracket. Tighten the nut to 20 N-m (15 lb-ft).
7.    Install the accessory drive belt.
8.    Partially raise the vehicle.
9.    Tighten the lower generator bolt to 25 N-m (18 lb-ft).
10.    Connect the generator electrical connector.
11.    Install the battery positive B+ cable and nut. Tighten the cable nut to 10 N-m (89 lb-in).
12.    Install the generator splash shield.
13.    Install the fender splash shield and the retainers.
14.    Install the right front wheel.
15.    Lower the vehicle.
16.    Connect the negative battery cable.
So there you go.
Quite a bit more work than the 12V Vulcan.
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Thanks Rob for the quick reply. At least I know what is involved if we take it to a shop. Any recommendations on a good source for an alternator? Rebuilt or new? Thanks, Dan trainfan1 wrote:

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