Boss 302 question

I always heard that the Boss 302 engine, could be made with a 302 block and
putting on 351C 2V cylinder heads.
Is this true, and if so, do they bolt right on, or are there modifications
that need to be made?
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FYI: The Boss 302 is normally considered a 302 block with Cleveland heads although the canted-valve Cleveland heads were used first on the Boss 302 (1969 model) before the rest of the 351C engine was developed.
The Boss 302 and 351C-4V head castings are essentially the same *except* the 351C heads use a "dry deck" intake manifold and the 302 features a coolant exit from the front of the manifold - this would be one of the biggest issues to resolve.
Yet another $.02 worth from a proud owner of a 1970 Mustang Mach 1 featuring a 351C 4V M-code @
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Grover C. McCoury III
351 c 2v heads can be fit on the windsor blocks. heads must be machined at the water ports. use the 351c head bolts and a special intake to adaprt the different deck height is needs. I beleive that several aftermarket companies still list this manifold.
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