New Boss engines question

Aside of the new Boss block and it's $1795 cost does anyone have information
about the shortblocks, longblocks, or other variations of the Boss engine
that are supposed to come out? I am just wondering when they are coming out,
what parts they are going to use, what we can expect as far as performance,
and the costs of each type. Be nice if they came with some stylish valve
covers with the BOSS name on it, perhaps a new or revised intake system,
better heads then they have atm, etc... Thanks.
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Nicholas Anthony
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On Apr 11, 12:21 am, "Nicholas Anthony" wrote:
I don't know what FRPP has in mind, but the "Boss" block is the equivalent of the Dart Sportsman block that's been around awhile -- i.e. 4 bolt mains on the nos. 2, 3, and 4 main bearings, but not on the front and rear mains. So I would look at existing products using that Dart block for price guesstimates. Like the other aftermarket blocks out there, I would expect the bores to be able to go out to 4.125, and the strokes to go 3.400 or maybe a little more. World Product's has an 8.2" block with a relocated oil pump that allows iirc 375 ci combos.
I would think, given the fondness of the 5.0 guys for turbos, and the fondness of stock 5.0 blocks for splitting in half when so equipped, that FRPP would be putting out an all-forged package designed for an 8.5:1 or 9.0 CR.
As far as "Boss" valve covers, unless they put Cleveland style heads on any longblock or crate packages, it ain't no Boss. In fact, if you look at the Boss 302, 351 AND 429, none of them came with in-line valve wedge heads. I'm happier with FRPP throwing the name on a 5.0 mod motor than to put it on a straight-up Windsor; there's no confusing a giant DOHC mod motor with a real Boss 302. However, I have read that the Boss block will have the "B" word cast into it, on the skirt, so the B word will be there, regardless.
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"Nicholas Anthony" wrote in news:800Th.22989 $ snipped-for-privacy@newsfe12.lga:
Overhaulin' got one of the very first of these engines, and put it in a guy's '66. It had the old finned valve covers with "Ford Racing" embossed.
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