Ford Ka Red Key copy puzzle

Hello NG!
I have recently purchased a second hand Ka, which came with one key only (the RED key).
I have been on holiday to Italy, and asked a nice chap there about
having a copy of the key, because I thought it would have been cheaper down there :). the guy seemed reliable and honest.
- He said I am risking compromising the computerised security system of my Ka by repeatedly and routinely using the red key to start the car (this is obscure for me as well). Why is this? - I was quoted EURO 36 (24) for each black key I wanted. For some obscure reason I couldn't understand, the guy also told me it was compulsory for him to make me TWO black keys, so the total price would have reached EURO 72 (48). Why is this? - Finally he told me that I should have visited a Ford "place" to have my keys "reprogrammed". He said this should have been cheap, but he didn't know how much. This is obscure as well. What is this Ford place I have to visit? How much shall I expect to pay for this operation?
I told him I would have checked if it was easier/cheaper to do this in the UK (maybe Italian regulations are different? Even though I doubt this).
I used to go down the road at my place in London and have the front door keys of my place duplicated in 5 mins for a couple of quids. This has become overwhelming for my inexperienced brain right now, that's why I am posting here to ask for help and advice on what is the best course of action for me to take and receive some elucidations on the above mentioned "obscure" points.
Considering I can get back to Italy to have this done at the above mentioned prices, what would you suggest me to do? Is it better to do it here or there? And how about that last "reprogrammation" step?
Thanks in advance to the gurus here Mario
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