Front end wheel alignment?

|You can't tell a degree or three of toe-in by walking about the car looking. |And you can't do it with a tape ruler measuring to the tread either. Sighting
|down the tires as Stan suggested may not be of use either, because on many |cars, the rear wheels are not meant to be exactly directly behind the fronts. | |I suggest you carefully inspect the undercarriage of the car for evidence of |collisions, contact with speed bumps, and other abuse. Next you should sight |down every fender and look for evidence of body panel repair. Also, look at |hardware that connects fender chrome and such trim for evidence that is has |been removed and replace. Lastly, look where body panels connect to adjacent |panels or lights or trim for evidence of masking tape from repainting body |work. | |If you see no evidence of accidental damage, at worse you will need |alignement. Since you don't have evidence of tire wear or handling issues, you |may be better off leaving that alone rather than have it done wrong somewhere.
Yep. That's always the chance you take, that somebody is going to make things -worse- with their *adjustments.* I tried the brake thing, doesn't pull one way or the other, and I let the car steer itself in a clear area of roadway, didn't drift more than any other car I've driven.
|Carfax is only so useful. I saw a car on a dealer lot that had a clean |Carfax. Inspection showed that the car had been rear ended. Both rear chrome |trim rings had been removed and replaced and there was evidence of repainting |because of masking tape off markings. The sales woman came running out as I |looked at this thing declaring it had a clean Carfax. When I told her it had |been in an accident, she went back inside. Carfax will only pick up that |damage if it is input to their system.
I still have a copy of my Carfax lying around somewhere. They have a guarantee/warranty or something wherein if you can show that they are dead wrong about something, they will pay you up to a certain amount of $$$. It reads something like this:
===================================================GOOD NEWS - CARFAX Certified History - Guaranteed! This 2003 MERCURY SABLE GS/GS PLUS (1MEFM50Uxxxxxxxxx) qualifies for the CARFAX Certified History, a guarantee worth up to $5,000 that protects you from buying a vehicle that has had any of the following problems reported to a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV): severe damage, major odometer problems, or Lemon history. ==================================================== Going by the VIN, you would expect any significant damages to be reported to the police or a collision shop. I am rather surprised by your findings ( above ).
The one thing that surprised me is it appears that this car has all brand new tires. No treadware at _all_. Not what I would expect to see on a *used* car with 6,400 miles on it. Other than that, nothing else I've noticed looks fishy.
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