Wow!!! Thank you sooo much for that insightful tip!!! You must be a real genius!!! I just can't wait to hear what other helpful ideas you have!!! And
hopefully you are smart enough to come up with a real answer to the problem instead of the rude comments that you made. And I wouldn't be so proud of a nic like yours either... MR Al Bundy. That character on the TV show (Married with Children) wasn't that smart either. Oh I'm sorry...Or is that your real name? LMAO! Anyways, atleast my handle is appropriate. I believe that this is why this website is made... for people that don't know everything or anything about cars... so that must be why your are on here as well.... MR SmartiePants!!! :mad:
I'm going to refrain from saying anymore and remain the LADY that I am.
And I apologize to the webmasters of this website... if I have said anything to offend anyone. But I feel that it is very inapporiate for anyone to insult anyone because of some typo. I thought that this was a nice website for me to get some REAL helpful answers or hints about my fiance's car problem so that I could help him.
And I ONLY want to thank anyone that has a real answer or helpful hint. And thank you for reading my post.

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