2000 Focus Not Starting

Has anyone else had this problem -- I own a 2000 Focus SE with 80,000 mile
The problem that I Am having is that on any day that it's above 75-degrees
outside and I have driven the car for several miles, if I shut the car down,
it will not turn back on at all.
You can hear the relays click when you turn the key, but no response from
the starter at all... no clicking or anything. If it's nighttime or cool
out, the problem doesnt happen. The car itself is not overheated. The temp
gauge is right a little below the center, which is average operating temp.
Any suggestions would be helpfull... I'm thinking that a sensor or relay is
damagaed somewhere.
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Frank DeNunzio
I'd bet it's the starter relay (in unit with the starter). The heat issue gives it away. Probably needs a whole new starter.
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Dave Gower
I would start by checking all the simple stuff...the connections from the battery to the starter. Grounds too. Take them apart and clean them. Check the battery voltage, it should be 12.6V if fully charged. Does a jump start allow it to start (hot)? If so, the battery may be weak. Charge or replace. I doubt it as it starts ok with a cold engine. Does the battery voltage drop when you turn the key? If not, the starter isn't engaging - check all connections...from ignition switch too. If the voltage goes under 9V, the battery or starter could be bad. Also check the clutch switch and wiring or the neutral saftety switch if it is an automatic. Lastly would be the ignition switch or wiring.
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And what exactly would you suggest otherwise? Somehow millions of catalytic equipped cars are jump started each and every day will no ill effect, while one (yours) will apparently be abandoned for good the first time you leave your headlights on too long.
Could you sign the title and let me know where you're leaving the keys it when that time comes? I'll just have to take my chances on that disasterous post-jump period after I wire it and fire it up.
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By jumnp starting I meant with cables from another battery (to see if the car's battery has a problem). I can't see how this can hurt the converter. We are trying to see why his engine won't crank over. I think you are confusing this with push starting a manual shift car. This could put raw gas in the converter, assuming the injectors inject fuel but it won't fire up for some reason. Same reason you never shut the key when moving.
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