Focus TDCi cutting out - solution.

Just a short post to record information that someone may find useful in future newsgroup searches.
I was having a problem with my Focus TDCi, where I started it from cold,
revved it and then released the accelerator pedal and it dropped to idle speed then cut out. This only happened from cold, and was repeatable. The glowplug light flashed on one occassion, but not on previous or subsequent ones. The reason I revved it like this after starting was that I'd heard what I thought was overly loud belt squeal and I revved it to see what happened.
The garage found loads of fuel pressure related fault codes, and eventually traced the problem to a faulty "IMV valve."
I've never heard of this before, but apparently it's a valve in the fuel pump that controls the entire fuel system pressure. They replaced it, cleared the fault codes, and the car was back to normal.
This (along with other recent work) also seems to have cured my long running starting problem, which you can follow if you do a newgroup search for "Gary McClean"
I swore the car had been running below normal performance, so maybe this valve was faulty for some time and it only surfaced on the specific occasion when I revved it immediately after starting. This is conceivable, as it only cut out when the clutch pedal was up and the engine was trying to drop immediately to idle.
Hope this info helps anyone investigating a similar problem!
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