Focus TDCi clutch problem.

Yet another problem with my Focus... as usual, if anyone has any advice, I'd be mighty grateful.
Starting from cold, the travel of the clutch pedal is about half as much as
usual, although the clutch seems to engage and disengage properly, and I hadn't noticed any drivability problems. After a bit of use it slowly comes back to normal. The day I noticed this I pulled it up with my foot whilst driving along, and there was a sudden power surge, and the travel was back to normal.
I noticed that when it occurs, the clutch pedal position switch didnt seem to be triggered, as when the engine was revved whilst stationary, it didnt drop to idle speed immediately, with the clutch pedal released. (Was checking that my "IMV valve" prob was gone - see other post)
Anyway, every morning, I pump the clutch pedal a few times, pulling it right the way up with my foot, and it's all fine after that. I took the position switch out and cleaned it with switch cleaner and reseated it, to no effect. Can't see anything obviously wrong down there, but I'm not a mechanic. There's no sign of any fluid leaks, the brakes are fine, and there are no warning lights. It was in for a service shortly after the IMV prob was fixed, and they didn't indicate any cause for concern with the clutch.
Any takers? I'll get it looked at in a few months at the next service, as I'm really pissed off with Lindsay Ford over the starting/IMV valve issue and couldn't be bothered with the hassle of going back if its not urgent, or if I can fix it myself.
Thanks for any advice.
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