3.8 rough idle after hot start

Olds Intrigue 3800 (1998) idles very rough after hot start, rocks the car noticeably. On cold starts it idles normally. it always pops right off regardless of operating temp.
No MIL -- and smell of raw gasoline during these episodes. It idles rough enough that I would guess more than one cylinder is mis-firing, or dead. It comes out of it after 30 seconds or so. I was wondering if it could be a coil pack which malfunctions when hot. Like possibly a hot-soak condition when a hot engine is sht down & parked for short time (ten minutes or so) during which time the underhood temperatures get considerably hotter. Fuel pump has not been replaced since I bought the car at around 140K, now has about 180K. MAF was recently replaced, and I recently did the upper/lower intake gaskets with upgraded plastic plenum kit with new o-rings etc. I have several coil packs lying around from a late 80's Cavalier Z-24 with a 2.8MPFI. Could I swap those into this car to see if the condition disappears? I don't know if they would fit onto the moudle or not. Also, I remember reading once that the Intriuge 3800 is sequential port injection, veruse the 2.8 which is bank for bank. If that's the case, would the coils be different even if they appear the same? Do coils goin bad commonly exhibit this condition (i.e. only when hot)? Or anything else known to exhibit this condition? TIA
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