Engine swap?

I have a 94 Chevy cavalier I know very little about cars but I wanted to engine
swap this 94 cavalier I picked up but I don't know if there's fast engine I
could put in it that would fit does anybody know a engine I could swap with this
car not counting installation for under $3000
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However, GM never made a good 60 degree engine. They all leaked coolant into the cylinders or oil pan. You will be right at $3k if you get all parts from the junk yard. With a lot more money you could install a 3.3 or 3.8 90 degree engine. If your country has vehicle inspections it could be a problem.
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Paul in Houston TX
When I was a teenager, engine swaps were done all the time, usually big V-8 into a small car for some really crazy performance. Not so easily done today. Limited space, more difficult to adapt to trans mission, special exhaust may be needed.
You may also have issues with emissions controls too.
Unless your Cavalier is really something special in condition, I'd invest that $3000 in a newer car with the performance you want.
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Ed Pawlowski
I had a 2.8, two 3.1's, and now a 3.4, all 60 degree. None leaked coolant. That series of engines was the GM mainstay for a couple decades. I think the 3.1 Gen III had some intake manifold issues, but not as widespread as the 3.8 Series II. That one had more widespread failures, but was easily(?) remedied by updating the gaskets and upper plenum. My son and I did that to his '95 Bonneville. Parts cost was about $200.
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Vic Smith

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