Re: Tundra's Ads... ARE BULL

Too make things clear to the ignorant or the misinformed, Ford makes several V6 engines that are DOUBLE OHC engines, with a total of four chain driven
overhead cams. Each cam activates two valves per cylinder.
From day one the modular Fords V8s have been SINGLE OHC engines, with a total of two chain driven cams. Currently the single cam per head activates three vales per cylinder rather than two. Three valves per cylinder layout is far more efficient and provides as much HP as four valves, but at a much lower RPM. Therefore with much higher torque, at a far more desirable RPM. The end result is it provides better overall performance in a sporty RWD vehicle like the Mustang and a much stronger engine for a work truck, than a four cam engine.
All of Fords DOHC V6 and SOHC V8 engines are sequentially port injected, with individual cylinder coils and have been since the mid nineties. Most newer models are fly-by-wire, as well, for better emissions and fuel economy. Some of Fords V8s in the less performance type of car, like the CV/GM, still have the two valve SOHC heads and around 80 fewer horses.

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