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94 Chevy Lumina Sedan, Turn Signal Flasher Location and Turn Signal Issue
Hi, A Google, Yahoo, and Bing search did not provide a clear location of the turn signal flasher in my 94 Chevy Lumina 4 door sedan. The owner's manual shows the location of "hazard" (4 way) flasher o...
4 years ago 2
brakes and clutch
Ive got a 94 sunbird 2.0, and my clutch burned up about a month ago and today I went to move the car and it seems as it wont move unless its pulled, even in neutral the car is stationary, cant figure ...
4 years ago 2
Picking a good bluetooth car kit
I'm doing some research on a good Bluetooth adapter so I can make calls/listen to music wirelessly in the car. Here's the top two that I've seen so far. Does anybody have any experience with either of...
4 years ago
Synchronize keyless entry
in the keyless entry unit, the unit must be synchronized. Cannot find any reference in the manual for how to do this. Not listed in the otherwise most helpful index, and not part of the battery-changi...
4 years ago 1
GM got me POd
After warranty issues with my Buick, GM pissed me off so I looked at other brands for a new car. Just bought my fourth new car, not from GM. Some years ago Hyundai was considered just a cheap brand of...
4 years ago
Ignition Switch Recall: Lock Cylinder Instead Of Key Modification ?
Hello, Had the key modified per the recall, but still don't feel safe. Seems like a very poor, and cheap, "solution" to a potentially bad problem. If one complains to the dealership, are they authoriz...
4 years ago 5
OBD2 tool - not the only way to reset or troubleshoot
All the online sources and advice say that you can only reset the CEL using and OBD2 diagnostic tool. That may be for some cars, but with my my Ford 3.0, the PO401 code (insufficient EGR exhaust flow)...
4 years ago 4
Fiat Chrysler CEO again pushes merger with GM
Fiat Chrysler CEO again pushes merger with GM wrote: For two companies that are already so big I have a hard time seeing how getting even bigger produces more bottom line profit. Is there really enoug...
4 years ago 2
Re: Chain Auto Repair Shops Upselling
wrote: You should have bailed when he said it was a better tire with no other explanation. I'm fortunate to have a small independent tire shop in town that really takes care of customers. He's been ta...
4 years ago 1
I am replacing an engine in my 2004 grand prix gt- need advice
I have the 3.8L series III engine without supercharger, but this is the second engine I've had and was wondering how hard it would be to upgrade to a better engine and what would be a good option? wro...
4 years ago 4
2014 chevy silverado. 7 miles on it. piston-slap. junk
junk. been running chevys for over twenty years, like a lot of us. about ready to go dodge. very disappointing
4 years ago
Ignition Switch Recall & Key Modification For ?
Hello, Re the GM ignition switch fiasco: Have had the key modified at Dealership. Talk about a "Mickey Mouse" solution to a serious defect. Question: If one complains, and insists, will they install a...
4 years ago 1
Chevy Malibu 2009 2.4 L--Engine Malfunction Light Code p0013
I'm having trouble getting a straight answer about the range of costs (best case/worst case)it will take for Chevy Dealer to fix the issue now that it has been generically diagnosed with Code 0013. Th...
4 years ago 2
my evaporator freezes, why
2000 gmc jimmy the air conditioner works for about half an hour then stops. a mechanic told me the evaporator is probably freezing. If it is what can I do to fix the problem? wrote: Why didn't you ask...
4 years ago 1
How to replace ambient light sensor on a 2004 Buick Century???
I'd like to know if anyone has run up against this problem before,and has been able to correct it without having to use an auto mechanic. Is it a do-it-yourself job. If not, How much should a person p...
4 years ago