2000 Honda Civic, after Battery Replaced Issue

My Wife drives our 2000 Honda Civic sedan more than I do.
I recently took the car to a garage for State Inspection and requested
a new battery since the battery was getting old.
My Wife drove the Civic home from garage when it was ready. She said
the car was "sluggish" (lacked "pep"). I drove it and it did seem to lack the
"pep" it use to have.
I called the garage and told them about this. I was told that the car
will "learn" after we use the car for a while.
I did NOT find on the web or in the owner's manual that replacing the
battery will cause a change in performance. The only thing that will happen
is the car's radio will loose it's settings.
Does anyone know for sure if replacing the car's battery will change
it's performance?
Thank You in advance, John
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This seems normal. Most competent garages are aware that this can happen and put a battery backup adapter into the OBD connector, prevents losing all the settings. If your radio settings were messed up too, they did not use a data saver. They are cheap; no reason not to have and use one.
Dealer did this on my 11 Accord and it kept all the settings. BTW, I found that the Honda dealer was less expensive for battery replacement than most other garages. Maybe I just have a good Honda dealer.
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Have owned many Accords. Loss of performance isn't something affected by replacing a dead battery. Sounds more like a hose isn't connected or has a hole. Call the dealer or another mechanic.
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