2003 Honda Accord CL7 - Remote Key Required

I recently purchased a used 2003 Honda Accord but it came only with
keyless entry option and without a remote key. I am desperately
looking for someone who can advise me whether a remote key can be
bought from some dealer. Would appreciate all the help I can get on
this issue.
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I've used these guys before.....
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You can compare the price/effort needed to use them vs. the dealer cost.
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L Alpert
"RuzBub" wrote in news:1170446963.703004.122650 @v45g2000cwv.googlegroups.com:
You can readily buy new remotes from any Honda dealer. The remote must be programmed though.
There is a "chicken dance" that you can perform to program the new remote if you want to do it yourself and save any programming charge you may be faced with.
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