2014 Accord EX-L Pecuiarity

This one had me perplexed for a while. Earlier today when I tried to close
the trunk lid, there was an immediate series of beeps and the lid would po
p open. This happened several times in a row after which it seemed to work
properly. After stopping at a hardware store, it began to do the same thi
To make a long story short, I had a Google Nexus tablet in the trunk to kee
p it out of sight. Apparently the wifi transmitter was interfering with th
e trunk lid release. When I put the tablet in the cabin with me, all was w
ell again. Bluetooth on the tablet was off, just wfi enabled.
Hope this is not just the tip of the iceberg for nasty EMI problems.
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I have a 2013 Accord EX that has been doing this occasionally since Day one. I don't carry any electronics in the car. Often happens 2-3 times before it stays closed.
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On Mon, 12 Oct 2015 10:49:21 -0700, cameo wrote:
Is this a *feature*, to prevent you from losing your phone, or locking someone with a phone inside??
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to prevent locking the keys inside, actually. Obviously the system is not triangulating key location correctly in these cases. There is probably (usually) a software update to correct it.
Or, you can throw your keys twenty feet from the car before trying to lock it.
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Geoff Welsh
I suspect as has been said, that this is the tip of an iceberg. All the equipment that we have in our home that radiates RF has the potential for interference. I had to put a noise suppression device inside our microwave to keep it from locking out our wireless connection to our TV and Netflix. An ordinary in line device did not work. I had to get coaxial capacitors from China and mount them inside the metal case to suppress this noise.
My 98 CRV would not open the door for me when parked next to a radar controlled door. I just used my key. but you can see where this is going. I have an elaborate security system that I installed in our home. I hard wired everything. I was not going to trust any wireless device when it came to home security. Home security means many indoor and outdoor motion detectors, smoke detectors. Multiple camera control and recording, and miscellaneous detectors like available hot water and sewage flow. I am a retired coder and it was easy for me to write the code. I sure had plenty of time.
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