Honda CR-V EX-L

My wifes 92 Accord EX was totaled Thursday in a multi-car rear-end pile-up
(she's OK). We've been discussing buying a CR-V for some time, and now it
looks like it will be sooner than later. We found a 2007 Red w/ Grey Leather
, 4 (four) miles, EX-L for $25.4K at a local dealer today.
I suppose these things are so hot that there wil not be much of a discount.
What are other peopl;e paying for these around the country ?
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On Sun, 19 Aug 2007 21:15:28 -0400, "Zorro_2k" wrote:
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This is a dealer in San Antonio that does a 'one price' (and it's true) you can look at their prices for an idea.
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In article ,
You can find the list price at or Yahoo.
My friend just got one in Canada and they wouldn't budge a cent. I Canada they are charging 35% more than the USA price, the current exchange rate has been below 10% for some time. He also paid significant extra for decent wheels on the base model.
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Josh S
A friend of mine is a sales associate at the local Honda dealership, and he said that CR-V is going for sticker and they can't seem to keep those on the lot.
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DJ Bukkake
Purchase price of vehicle was $24,253 including $595 delivery charge, a 4.5% savings off $25,395 sticker price. Final 'out-the-door' coast, with all fees and taxes, was $26, 279.
I guess I did OK, considering it was the ONLY one of its kind in the area (others were AWD, or had NAV). It was like tearing out the sales managers fingernails with pliers to get this price. I'm glad I left the wife at home for the 'negotiation phase'. The stars in her eyes would have sabotaged my ability to bargain.
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Nice job. I have the same problem with my wife, I try to be firm but nice. She's just plain mean.
Both methods work, but not at the same time....
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loewent via
My wife wanted that Tango Red CR-V EX-L so bad, she would have just grabbed the keys, driven it off the lot, and told the Sales Manager to send ME the bill. She's had that '07 CR-V glossy pamphlet, with 'her car' on the cover, on the kitchen table since March. Like: Do you GET the HINT ?
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