Got the codes - 96 Accord EXR - now what?

Hi again! Finally learned how to retrieve the codes but not exactly sure how to decipher them. Quick questions: Regarding the long/short blinking...does a single digit code (1-9)
appear as long or short blinking? What if there is more than on problem?
So here's the situation: ABS light has been on for almost a year - haven't paid it much attention as I have returned to school and I don't drive much. Usually, the ABS like comes on as soon as I have driven a few feet but sometimes it doesn't come on at all. Most often when this happens, as I approach a stop, the ABS will kick in JUST BEFORE reaching a complete stop - even under light braking. A couple of weeks ago, the ABS light didn't come on AT ALL on a two day trip and the ABS functioned normally. Suspiciously, I had the car on jacks to change oil etc. before we left. When I shorted SCC, the ABS light blinked 4 short then 8 short. Meaning?
Now for the engine. A couple of weeks ago I posted regarding some surging with the car after filling up the tank with fuel. I've since used different gas and the problem persists. The symptoms were very much like a TPS problem - but 'not beyond a reasonable doubt'. I am finding it very difficult to get a multimeter in there to test it myself. I reset the ECU or whatever and it took almost an hour of driving but the engine light came on again - the car was surging at certain rpms long before the engine light came on. When I shorted the SSC, the engine light blinked 7 long, 4 short. Meaning? BTW, I should mention, the engine light has also been on for almost a year. Again, I didn't address it as the car was functioning fine throughout. Just concerned if whatever caused the light to come on then might be retained in memory or also be what is tripping the ECU now.
Thanks again for ALL the help!
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