Re: Ball Bearing [Joint?]

Hi, what is the model, year, and miles on this Honda?
Might you mean the "ball joint" below? Hondas typically have an upper one and a lower one. The lower one most certainly
can fail catastrophically and dangerously. For an excellent anecdotal description, see . Scroll right down to the photos, for starters.
A ball joint may be said to be a pivot point for the transmission of forces on the car's tires to the suspension system (springs and shocks in particular). They have to function while the car is turning, of course. See .
I rebuilt much of my 1991 Honda Civic's suspension this past summer, but not the ball joints. While researching this, I saw plenty of do-it-yourself reports on it. I think I could do it myself. I consider myself a low intermediate amateur when it comes to repairing my Honda.
Check back for reports and advice from folks who have done this themselves.
I would not drive the car. See the link above again. Your safety comes first; then the value of the car.
$200 does sound cheap, though. See if the guy is going to use OEM parts or what all.
Note that this is, and should be, properly cross-posted. :-))

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