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> GUEST wrote: > I am posting to these newsgroups because of the vast expertise available. > Thank you for indulging me.
> > On April 30, 2007, I purchased a 2004 KIA Optima that had been used by the > dealer as a loaner. The car had about 19,000 miles on it when purchased by > me. The car had been placed in Service by the dealer on June 30, 2005. > When purchased by me, there was a little over 3 years and 40, 000 miles left > on the warranty. I have noticed on several occassions the car appeared to > be leaning to the left (when viewed from the rear) while parked in my > driveway. Yesterday, I took a few measurements in the driveway and the car > leans about 1/2" to the left. Measurements were taken at a point near the > left front, left rear, right front and right rear. I moved the car into my > garage, on a level floor, re-measured, and confirmed my original > measurements. I will be taking this up with the dealer but would like any > ideas as to what may have caused this problem and how to resolve it. > > Thanks for any information.
Time is a better measurement than milage for oil change intervals. The reasoning goes like this: If you are driving a lot of miles, then the oil does not get as dirty since the car is driven long enough to warm it up each time it is driven. If the milage is low, the driving is probably short trips and does not have time to warm up completely and the oil will get much dirtier, faster. I learned this when I drove my car 1.5 miles per trip four times a day and found 1,000 miles was too long between changes. If a car is warmed up completely each time it is driven, 5,000 miles is a reasonable interval.
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