What is the spec of Series 3 Landrovers wheel nuts?

Many years ago in 1975 and 1976 I drove on my own, from UK to Abu Dhabi, wh
ere I worked for an oil company. I used series 3 Landrovers on both trips a
nd, knowing there were a few patches of sand in the last section approachin
g the UAE I devised a simple system to help get me out of getting stuck by
having manufactured 10 extension wheel studs, so I could change the rear ax
el to drive double wheels. They were made in an Abu Dhabi workshop and apa
rt from trying them out, when they worked OK and did not foul the bodywork,
I never got so stuck that I had to use them.
I gave up on Landrovers a few years ago, as the strength required to operat
e the cars, for which I had loads of spares, was beyond my advancing years.
I also had a lot of General Motors trucks too and It is possible that the
10 pieces I have still, could conceivably be for a Chevrolet Blazer as I ha
d three of those with similar problems of getting stuck in soft sand, and a
GMC Jimmy.
I have measured the thread size of these items and they are 9/16th 16 TPI.
does anyone know what the thread size for the wheel nuts of the series 3 La
ndrovers was and probably still is? This thread is 9/16 UNF.
I am getting rid of a lot of my bits and pieces and to be able to advertise
I need to know which vehicle they were made for. Any comments welcome.
Thanks George.
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