1994 1.4l Corsa - interference engine?

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you should be able to get away with just a belt replacment, you will need a water pump spanner though to adjust the belt tension via the water pump, but if you are real lucky you might just be able to slip the belt on without disturbing the waterpump, as normaly when you disturb them they leak from the back seal afterwards, thats if you can shift it at all !!!
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The good thing about the engine in question is that it has the spring loaded tensioner arrangement, and unless the pointer is miles out from the right place then there is no need to disturb the pump. But if you do have to move the pump and it doesn't move easily (be suspicious if it will) then removing the hose at the back of the pump and putting a long drfift through and giving the pump a whack from behind will release it. Unless you are very short on funds change the pump if you disturb it or at least the O ring.
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