2001 Ford Focus Cooling

Hi All,
I could be well off here, but in my 2001 Ford Focus, the engine temp seems
to go up a little, then down a little, up then down, even on motorway runs.
In traffic it sometimes gets halfway up, though I've not seen it go past
Just wondering is there a problem with the thermostat, as other cars I've
driven seem to warm up to halfway generally and stick there when alls well.
Does it sound like a thermostat? If so, how much for the part, and what
could happen if I don't change it?
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Dr. Compynei
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The temp gauge is actually ECU controlled and should move progressively up to bang on half way no matter what the car is doing.
I would agree its not right, and first port of call would be change the thermostat and flush cooling system.
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