cambelt change: 2001 Focus, 1.6 Zetec engine

My Focus (1.6 petrol Zetec engine) has now done 60K miles and I thought I'd
get the cambelt changed at the local Ford dealer. The quote was £200.
I enquired whether they change the tensioner pulley and was told no, and he
added he didn't recall ever changing one, though he would check it for
problems. I'm a bit concerned about this, every time I have read about
cambelt changes it is strongly advised to change the tensioner. Is it really
unnecessary on these engines? I don't see the point in cutting corners now
and risking having to get it all done again if the tensioner becomes noisy,
or worse still I end up with a siezed tensioner/snapped cambelt
Thanks for any info.
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Zetec engines don't need done for 100k. Don't worry about it, they're not renowned for snapping belts like Vauxhall's and Pugs.
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Sandy Nuts
Thanks for your reply. The reason I decided to get it done now was I thought it's 200 quid now and relative peace of mind, or the certainty of spending 200 quid anyway at 100K miles and the possibility of an additional grand or so if it snapped! I plan to keep the car until it dies of old age or the government price the car tax on a 1600 engined car out of my reach, so I may as well get it done now. Also, I've seen quite a few stories of these belts failing at around 60K, so I thought I may as well get it done, a stitch and time and all that!
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They dont tend to be breakers, but possibly have the belt done at 80k which is 20k before the specified interval.
definately insist the garage replace the idler and tensioner roller.
Tim. .
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I was told the belt doesn't fail but tensioners do which then lets the belt slip, wear and maybe snap through the friction.
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Nick (Scots)
In message , "Nick (Scots)" writes
That's really relevant to the 1.8 and 2.0 Zetec E engines which are completely different to the 1.6 Zetec SE engine.
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Paul Giverin

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