Car pulling to the left

Not when braking, but just while driving along on a straight road, I
have to keep a slight amount of downward pressure on the right-hand
side of the steering wheel. If I carefully take my hands off the wheel
the car drifts to the left.
Tyre pressures are all OK and as they should be and the brakes aren't
binding in any way, so what's causing this pull to the left?
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Paddy Dzell
could be an alignment issue, could be tyre wear. try swapping front tyres left to right and see if the problem changes. a full 4 wheel alignment can make all the difference once everything is dialled back in where it should be, it is hard to find places that actually do it properly though.
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it could even be that you have a ball joint worn or a steering rack or column fault. try the simple things first.
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Probably uneven tyre wear. As others have said, try swapping the front wheels side to side - PROVIDED the tyres are not directional.
If that makes no difference, check that the car isn't running 'crabwise' due to bent or misaligned rear suspension. [Get someone to follow you in another car and confirm that your car is running straight - or otherwise].
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Roger Mills

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