Honda cr-v rear differential fluid change and clutch burnishing

Hi, i am new to this forum, but i have just bought a year 2000 CRV and i love it, its great for my dogs. I have noticed a grinding and shuddering noise from what feels like the rear of the vehicle. With much research, (loads on this site) i am confident that the diff fluid just needs changing. I have no problem doing this my self, was thinking to change it three times, in between short drives, and fingers crossed this will fix the problem. As i have only had the vehicle about a week, to be on the safe side, i wanted to burnish the rear diff clutches. I understand the procedure for this, but do not have the facilities to elivate the car so that all four wheels are off the ground (manual transmition).
My question being, surely the way this is performed, i would be able to achieve the same by driving slowly 5 mins forward then 5 mins backwards? Also i have read here and there that you can burnish the clutches by driving around in circles CW then CCW 10 times or so, i am not sure to trust this method, can anyone confirm that.
Any help is much appreciated.
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I found that merely changing the oil and driving for a short time did the job fine, no messing about at all.
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