Replacing front offside lower arm on Pug 106

Hello all
I've got a little 106 runabout, which is fine apart from some play in
the rear bush of the front offside lower arm.
From reading about, it is much easier to replace the whole arm
assembly rather than the bush, which needs a press to get it on. Can
someone confirn that is the case?
My Haynes manual states that replacing the lower arm is a 5 spanner
job, i.e. Very difficult. My skill level is certainly not that of an
expert, but it doesn't "look" that difficult. The question is, IS it
that difficult?
If so, how much are we talking for my local independant garage to do
the job?
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Steven Langdale
Well it's the same job with the exception that one option needs a press as well. You may not even be able to buy the bush on its own.
Only because you've got to split balljoints I would assume.
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John Greystrong
================= A press is needed to remove / replace the bushes so it is much easier to replace the whole arm. It's actually quite a simple job provided that you have the right tools. You'll need a good strong bar and socket to remove the front hub nut and a torque wrench to replace it.
Peugeot advise (insist ? ) that you use a new hub nut, a new pinch bolt (see manual) and a new nut on the front bolt. These will cost about £5-00 from Peugeot. Please yourself whether you follow their advice! I found the hardest part of the job was removing the peening from the hub nut just because it's a bit awkward. The other thing to watch out for is to make sure that you don't pull the drive shaft from the diff. when you swing the bottom of the suspension outwards after releasing the pinch bolt and bottom swivel. Get someone to hold it in if possible otherwise you're likely to empty the gearbox oil onto your drive!
Probably about an hour's work for a professional.
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================ Correction to my earlier post!
In fact the job is easier than I suggested because you don't need to remove the hub nut unless you're dealing with the upper suspension. If you have an anti-roll bar detach that first. Then simply remove the pinch bolt holding the bottom swivel joint and slightly ease open the slot to allow the swivel joint to be levered downwards. Then remove the inner front bolt and the rear nuts from inside the car. Replacement is equally straightforward. Don't let the upper suspension swing outwards as it might pull the drive shaft from its housing and allow the gear oil to spill out.
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I had an identical problem on my wife's 106 which was spotted at the MOT. The garage replaced the whole arm. I can't remember how much it was precisely but the whole job including MOT came to around =A3200 or slightly less IIRC. This wasn't a specialist garage or a main dealer either.
--=20 Malc
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