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now that thes/c 95 m-ed is on the road, it is back to the normal situation of swmbo "notifing" me of what dis pleases her. it seems the cd player wlll kick out cd's after spinning for a minute or so...she says no code is displayed so is there a way to clean the unit or is there something else to look into?
speaking of codes, how does one get the check engine lite to blink out the trouble codes?
thanks, peter
btw no takers on the idle problem?
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Is it the panasonic head unit? If so, the problem is probably the driver gear for the laser assembly. When I bought my '97 NA, the CD player did not work. It would make a few noises like it wanted to work and then kick out the CD, and power off the radio.
I was able to fix it, but the repair it isn't for the faint of heart. You have to remove the CD player, no small feat in itself(I used coat hanger paying 50 bucks for the dealer tool), then I disassembled the entire unit. You have to remove the outer case, face plate, and logic board to get at the drive part of the laser assembly. The gear on the main shaft will probably be split open. To fix it I had to ream the ID of the plastic gear larger so that it would slip onto the shaft without 'opening' the crack. Once that was done I used some quick-set epoxy to attach the gear to the shaft, and I reassembled. I tested it by applying 5v DC to the motor that runs the laser back and forth, only to find out the rubber belt between the motor and the shaft was stretched and did not move the shaft very well. Being fresh out of specialized tiny belts for CD players, I took some sewing thread and filled in some of the pulley on the driven shaft to make the ID of the driven pulley larger, and tried the belt again. Surprisingly, it worked.
For me, it's been about 5 months now, and it still plays. The radio isn't anything to write home about(Panasonic and car stereo are not the best combo in my opinion...).
Worst case scenario, drop the money on a nice pioneer head unit.
Good luck with it,
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Wow! I think that your fix-it skills are exemplary! I consider myself good at rigging things, but doubt if I could pull off such a repair.
Even if it only lasts a bit longer that is pretty nifty. It wouldn't surprise me if it kept on for a while.
Speaking of Panasonic, they used to make great products. I have a boom-box from 1989 that has a CD player that has never skipped without being bumped. It has traveled a whole lot, had Pepsi spilled in it, and played countless hours of music, and it keeps on ticking. Even the remote control still works and operated the motor-driven volume knob with no problems.
I also had a great Panasonic TV and vacuum cleaner. Somewhere around the mid-nineties, however, they started losing quality control badly.
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I also enjoyed reading about Chris's repairwork. There's a real satisfaction in being able to do these things.
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