Jack stands - 1999 Miata

I have a 1999 miata I am storing for the winter. I want to put in up on jack stands but I'm not sure where to set the stands.
Can someone help?
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Assuming you are simply putting her away for the winter and not doing much more than an oil change etc. I would place the jack stands under the rear axle at the point where the springs/struts are attached and find the frame up front. Preferably where the suspension mounts to the frame. If you were hoping to let the suspension dangle all winter you will need to find some other jacking point in the rear which can be hard on frameless (or rather integrated frame/ unibody) construction. Sure saves a lot of weight on the finished product but makes for some problems too. Of course the manufacturer wants them to be driven not sit in a garage. Zoom Zoom!
I leave my 83 RX-7 on the wheels. That way I can take it out once or twice a month on nice days to charge the battery etc. Not talking about a 100 mile run but simply around the block or fetch some groceries then back into the garage. Conditions have to be right though...no snow/slush etc so no salt or sand to worry about.
Just a thought.
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