C230 sport coupe sun shade problem

Our newly acquired 02 c230 has intermittent problem with the retractable sunshade on the twin moonroof. It sometimes will stop halfway or so then it
won't work either direction for awhile or it will work in small increments, etc. Took it in to the dealer and it work perfect for them. They kept it overnight to check it when it was cool as that's when it seemed to be happening. Still worked perfect the next morning. He said they get "out of time" and to hold the switch in the full closed position for three seconds after closing to reset it. I guess they did do that while it was there. So anyway it worked for the next week, but this morning the wife got in it to drive it to work and it did it again. I don't think it was out of time before, because it only did it in the morning. The dealer service writer said they would love to "cut that whole window out of the roof cuz it's a $5000 job!:" Anybody run into sun shade problem before? Thanks
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