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On Tue, 22 Jan 2008 11:35:23 +0100 (CET), George Orwell
to one of the Brits who have joined in. After a good read through posts archived
in Google I see that Maximillion/Euromerc/phatboyslim, real name Nick Johns, has taken great delight in joining in with Lumpy’s attacks on Ken/Sara and now Larry. The fact that he joined in with Lumpy AKA Potatoblight shows that he approves of what Lumpy has done, the manner in which s/he has done it and is therefore not in a position to complain if the same things are done in an ‘investigation’ of his own claims and background. Thankfully that great American invention the ‘internet’ makes all this very easy for a girl like me to do and international calls to England are free. And very interesting it proved to be.

to talk to this Texas gal, Nick and his ‘car’ business has been a cause of concern to those that live near him for some time. In fact it got so bad for those at 82 Townfield Road that they sold up in June of 2006 to escape him and the noise and mess he leaves behind.

left for long periods of time in front of his house and sometimes taking up outside neighbors houses have been a major cause of concern and have resulted in town council warrants being issued to get him to stop. From what those who live near him say Nick has a long list of complaints against him and he is not well liked. His neighbors tell of him testing cars at speed around the road that circles Townfield Road and his has had near misses when children have been playing. I was told, by a lovely old lady called Marion who shows dogs, that she had to call the local English police/sheriff when Nick threatened her after he had just missed hitting her dog with his van.

have. I was told that the only decent cars to turn up at Nick’s place have been owned by the police and bailiffs. I was told by another person living near him that they wished that he would leave as their house prices are being affected because of the state of Nick’s house and the wrecked cars outside. From what people freely told me Nick is an untidy, filthy, foulmouthed and disgusting person who everyone near him would like to see leave their neighborhood. It seems that lives in a fantasy world and that is why he cannot give any proof of his claims.

that all I have done is exactly what Lumpy has done to Larry, Ken/Sara and you thought what s/he did was OK because you joined in.
It would appear that Euromerc is about as popular in Flitwick as he is here on Usenet and eBay. Bahahahahahahaha!
"Bugger the happy buying experience thing, just make as much money as you can with the least amount of effort... The world is full of customers."
Euromerc on business ethics.
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