resetting the clock

Does anybody know how to reset the dash clock on a 2008 CLK?
The steering wheel controls don't access anything like a clock.
The manual says "if your car has the COMMAND system then press the Sys/e
button." My car does have the COMMAND system but it has a button marked
System instead of Sys/e. When I press it I get a screen very different from
the COMMAND manual. It does have a Time button. When I choose that I get to
choose what time zone I want to be in and NOT any options for resetting the
I sure would appreciate some help.
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Il giorno dom, 08/11/2009 alle 16.25 -0500, DonWmdmd ha scritto:
Unfortunately today I'm restoring pc setup after formatting hard disk... :-( BUT: I'm sure somebody else can post the link to interactive owner's manual hosted on MB web services. There you'll be able to read the correct procedure (hopefully...). Bye-bye.
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Thanks to all for the information.
O.K. I guess I'm beginning to understand that the clock is set by satellite. BUT IT'S WRONG it didn't pick up the change back to standard time.
I guess my only option is to tell the *&&^%$ car my time zone has changed.
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One of the options via COMAND using the steering wheel buttons is to set the time. You've got to go to the right screen and then the right page (2 different sets of buttons on the left). The manual shows this -- look up "COMAND" there.
If you have the nav option (and maybe some without it) and a "SYS/0" button (the "0" looks like a clock) next to the COMAND screen, you can also set the time using this button -- one of the "soft keys" is then time set.
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