Power Window Not Working

My sister-in-law is departing for Iraq in two weeks and left us her new
MiniCooper to store at out house while she is gone.
Problem - The driver's door power window will not work (passenger window
works fine). When I press the down switch I can hear a relay click
somewhere but the window doesn't move. All of the fuses under the cover in
the driver's kick panel that go to anything door-related are fine. The
window is supposed to drop down a fraction of an inch when you pull the door
handle, but it doesn't even do that.
Any suggestions?
Cheers - Jonathan
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Is the MINI an '02? I have the same problem. Apparently it should have been fixed under warranty, but the previous owner of my car never took it in to get taken care of.
Until I get it in to be fixed, I have found that this works... sit in the car with the door open, turn the key to the "on" position (no need to start the car), and hit the door panel just above the speaker with your fist. Then lift the window button (as if trying to raise the window). You may have to do it a couple of times, but it should work.
If the car is still under warranty, maybe you could get it taken care of for your sister as a nice surprise for when she returns. And please, thank her sincerely from me for everything she is doing! I know your family is proud of her, and rightly so!
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