"Mayhem" Mustang a Dumb Name

Love the concept and the car, but that name...? Uumm.. not so much.
To me, the name is corny and doesn't tell you what the car is about.
After all is geared towards the road race set, not the drag
I think now that the V6/base Mustang is no longer just a pedestrian,
no-thrills poser, and truly garners the respect of a full-on
performance car, wouldn't it have just been better to call the
"Mayhem" Package the V6 Sport Package or just kept name V6 Performance
Package and slapped on a V6 S or Track Pack badge on the car
somewhere? That way the performance package adds to cred of the base
Mustang as opposed to making some buyers think it's another level
(higher horsepower version) of Mustang.
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Good looking car though!
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I won't get into the whole dumbing-down of America, which started well before my time and of which this is an example. I'll leave that to the brighter scholar stars among us.
I love it.
Not the name, but the package. Until the Ecoboost comes on line, the Mustang is stuck with two engines. I don't see Ford offering multiple choices there. So a performance package to increase the handling and suspension qualities of the lesser Mustang is a great idea, something that more than a few buyers would have installed, anyway. An already potent V6, a miserly one, at that, and now a suspension that can handle a fair amount of FUN... Wonderful.
This is one of only two options that I would order on a V6, the other being illuminated door sills. I don't need no stinkin' badges, don't need everyone to know that I've got bigger wheels and stiffer springs, and I surely do not need an identifying moniker like "Mayhem," which sounds like some 16-year-old picked out.
When you consider that "Mayhem" was the winning entry out of some 3,000... How bad were the others?
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I worry an Ecoboost engine might drive up the price of the base model seeing that it's boosted as opposed to the current and cheaper normally aspirated V6.
Not a badge fan myself but I could see a case for a discreet little badge on the trunk lid or lower front fender for the typical buyers who want some recognition for their extra dollars shelled out. Or, perhaps, an optional blacked-out, "track-pack" hood -- a treatment like some of the early 5.0 GT Mustangs wore.
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In article ,
-- Big Snip --
Yep, a small something would be fine with me too. I'm a fan of subtlety.
One of my neighbors a few doors away has an 08 GT vert. Looks quite stock. Has sway bars, 4.10 limited slip, exhaust, all the usual bolt-ons... And a supercharger (LoL). Unless it's running all you can tell is that he bought a nice set of wheels and brakes. Last summer he replaced the GT emblems all around with the v6 emblems. He said he wanted a sleeper. HA! Damn, does it ever sound nice while running.
If only I had his budget, but I'm working on it.
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Which brings a question to mind. Someone once told me, possibly you, that merely adding a blower regardless of how you drive drops the efficiency (mileage) dramatically. So, HtH did they make that work? Or, would the EB get another 15MPG if it were normally aspirated??
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On May 16, 9:38=A0am, "WindsorFox" wrote:
Yes, superchargers are spun by way of the engine's crankshaft, via a pulley and a belt. At very low revs they're using engine power, but as soon as the revs come up the lose of power being drained is overcome by the massive amount of boost/pressure/air they're ramming into engine to create huge power. .
Improved engine design/efficiency -- better breathing, less resistance, etc. .
I doubt a 15mpg gain; modern blowers are very efficient, but yes, mpg would be improved. The problem is it wouldn't make the power a larger displacement engine makes. And that's not good if you're trying to sell F150s that get better mileage AND make as much power as the competition.
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