Mustang Finally Tops Camaro

Ever since GM brought the Camaro back from the dead, Mustang sales
have been sagging. That=92s to be expected though, as muscle car
enthusiasts now have a lot more in the way of choice than they did
just a few years ago. Still, we can=92t imagine Ford was happy about
conceding such a large chunk of the market to the General and its
friendship car (seriously, look up what Camaro means.)
Mustangs Daily reports that the sales drought is over for the Mustang
though, as February 2012 sales are almost double that from the same
month last year. Furthermore, for the first time since June of 2011,
the Mustang has outsold the Camaro. That=92s a big step on the way back
to muscle car dominance.
2012 has gotten off to a good start for Mustang sales, with the month
of January up 18% over last year to over 3,700 units sold. But
February saw almost twice as many Mustangs sold, with 7,351 vehicles
being moved from dealer lots in the shortest month of the year. That=92s
an incredible turnaround from February of 2011, when just 3,697 units
were sold. That=92s an over 98% sales increase year-to-year.
It also marks the first time since last June that Mustang sales have
outpaced the fresher Chevy Camaro. GM moved 6,923 cars in February,
over 400 short of Mustang sales. But the Camaro still has a slight
edge in total 2012 sales, selling 12,632 units in the first two months
of 2012, compared to Mustang=92s 11,087. But while the Camaro still has
the sales lead, the 2013 Mustang goes on sale in just a few weeks,
which could help Mustang sales really take off and leave the Camaro
2012 is already shaping up to be a hard-fought battle for American
muscle. Who will come out on top next month?
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