Per KBB: Mustang = Best Resale

2011 Ford Mustang GT earns Best Resale Value Award in high-performance
car category
The 2011 Mustang GT delivers =93amazing overall value,=94 said Bell.
=93Ford has done a great job of recapturing the public=92s interest and
=91romance=92 for the Mustang since the arrival of the Camaro and
Challenger,=94 he said. =93The 412 horsepower from the new 5.0, a price
near $30,000, and with styling evocative of the original Mustang
contribute to its high residual value. Equally strong and impactful to
residual value is the new V6 option with 305 horsepower that offers 31
mpg on the highway at a price around $23,000. Both of these vehicles
represent many potential buyers=92 vision of the classic pony car =96
great power and great looks at a great price.=94
Resale value is important to sports car customers who tend to make
Mustang part of their family, said Mustang Consumer Marketing Manager
Jim Owens.
=93Customers understand that Mustang has an enduring presence,=94 he said.
=93The new 5.0 GT and the 3.7-liter V6 enhance the pony car=92s 45-year
heritage by offering high performance as well as outstanding fuel
For more information about the 2011 Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value
Awards, please visit
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