The Perfect 10?

Nice to see the Americans representing themselves well -- as the ZR-1
and Terminator Cobra both sound absolutely wicked. The Terminator,
with that Kenne Bell blower, is so evil sounding it could play the
soundtrack for a scary movie.
The Gallardo and Porshe Carera GT also sound fabulous.
Take a listen.
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Ha ha! You might be right. I loved the cobra's super charger whine! Damn! The vette wasn't bad either. Both unmistakable American sounding cars.
Well, then I listened to the honda... Sounded like an over revving chain saw on steroids, with a card board megaphone muffler. Sorry honda. The Japs just don't make a single car I really like. This one had the cheesiest sound of the group.
What can I say? I drive a mustang. A v6. With GT take-offs. Damn my budget!
Didn't bother listening to the lambo. They don't interest me at all. I liked the zonda. Porsche & Ferraris all sound good.
The sound quality wasn't the best on all the vids. I'll bet they'd all sound impressive in person. (except the honda) Bwahahaha.
The cobra wins my vote for #1 sound.
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