2005 Altima - Check Engine Light

I'm sorry if this question was asked already, but My son bought a 2005
Altima recently and shortly afterward the check engine light came on
and stays on. He said it also has hard start as if fuel filter was
clogged. Once it does start it remains on, but we woulk like to know
where to look first. Fuel filter, fuel injection, sensor???
Any help would be appreciated.
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On 5/9/10 8:55 AM, in article snipped-for-privacy@e1g2000yqe.googlegroups.com,
The first place to look is to get the fault code read out. Autozone and other auto parts stores will do it for free. The description they come up with may or may not be correct, so make sure you get the actual number. Post it & someone on here can likely tell you what it means and where you should look.
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E. Meyer
you'll probably see a p-0325code stored = crank position sensor.
very common, replace it and all's well
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