rear brakes

I can't keep every year model in my head but if it has calipers that have the e-brake cable connected to the caliper, the pistons have to be turned and pushed in at the same time.
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Steve T
You are correct. Go to autozone and ask for a rear caliper compressor. Or if you cant get there use some needle nose pliers to turn the caliper. The pliers will be difficult to do with out damaging the caliper piston boot. Best bet is to buy the tool. I used wd40 on the piston boot before turning the piston so it wouldnt get torn. After you have everything back together make sure to pull and release your e-brake a few times to set your new pads.
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Warner Crump
Yep, that is correct. I bought a special socket from Pep Boys to turn the calipers for less than ten bucks. I hope I can find it as I'm due for another rear brake job soon . . .
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