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Hi everyone,
I have a major problem with my peugeot 406 (1996). When connecting my
keypad the ECU didn't accept the code anymore. So car will not start.
Brought the car to the peugeot dealer and he says that the only way to
repair this is install a new ECU (cost 1000 euro). Is this the only
way? Or can a peugeot dealer read the code from the ECU or reset it?
Can anyone help me?
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Get a 2nd hand ECU it will cost you not so much.. Saw the same problem on said there was no other solution.
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In the UK you can buy new ECUs for about a third the price of the makers part. These are made by other companies to fit your car. Dont know if available in your country though (wherever that is). Worth looking for though. Most small garages should advise you. I've just had one fitted for £200. Citroen quote about £600! Chrisssss.........
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can retrieve the code from either the Keypad or ECU, I did the same as you, the keypad was disconnected when i bought my last 306, reconnected it and it wouldn't start, nearly had a heart attack when i phoned the dealer for a price, searched the net and these guys got the code out of the keypad for me, they trade under the name Code-Busters which is quite appropriate for what they do.
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