change oil soon light

It's been a while, how do I reset it? I know it's got something to do with key position and the gas pedal being depressed, but just can't seem to get it right. Thanks, Jeff
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manual for the correct procedure. If it's like my 2002 GMC work truck, key on, press gas pedal to the floor and release five times, turn key back off.
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Steve M. in CA.
5 times fast but not really fast I can get it every time.....I few other mechanics that I work with say that its different in every car..its kinda got its own "personal" touch too it :)
Duane Swan 1999 Grand Prix 81,000
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Duane Swan
depending on the year a model of the vehicle.. usualy run turn the key to run without the engine running and depress the gas pedal 3 times in 5 seconds.
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Chris Twolan
Have a 98 Grand Prix, followed directions in manual; turn ignition key to on but not with engine running, pump gas pedal three times then wait for the change oil light to blink, turn off ignition.
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