Garnd Am query

Just bought a new-to-me 2005 Grand Am, 6Cyl with 130000 Km on it.
Didn't notice during test drive until later three things I'd like to fix.
1 : No daytimne running lights. Noticed when wife followed me home with it. Guy bought it from told us when we asked later that car originally came from Michigan and didn't need them there when first sold so not installed. Doesn't explain relay that's inside engine fuse box for DRL though so? I swapped the relay with one out of my 99 Grand Am (DRL do work) and that made no difference.
Is it possible, assuming it is not there that I can take it out of the 99 and install it in the 2005 relatively easily?
I notice the manual suggest USA models use a different icon for some things over Canadian. I must remember to look see as that'll be the truth of that matter.
2: Rear view mirror lights don't seem to work.
3: Radio display does not illuminate. Makes it impossible to change any settings or see time without it. It's the base model radio. I'm thinking of swapping it for the one out of my 99 Grand Am which is top end and see what happens as assuming connectors are the same it's pretty straight forward. Unforetunately bezel's aren't exactly the same
Thre is no check engine light or whatever being displayed and car acts as expected (enough I bought it).
Any common denominators for these symptons?
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the radio thing is pretty common with the factory units, my 02 Grand Prix G T did the same thing. there is a youtube video on how to fix it but it is r eally involved so it might be better to find another factory unit or go aft er market. I dont think the rear view mirror lights and DRLs are connected though.
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