starting problems not firing with my 2000 grand am se 2.4l engine

ok so here is what i maybe able to help others with if u r having starting issues check to see if ur pcm ignition fuse is blown if so replace it if the car still doesnt start check to see if the fuse blew again if so its the ignition switch replace it and and the blown fuse once again that should fix the problem the pcm ignition fuse is under the hood! ok now for my new problem i have no spark i have checked the power going to the ignition coil and i have power i have also had the ignition coil checked at autozone it checked out fine i replaced the ckp or otherwise known as the crankshaft positioning sensor still nothing can anyone help me please? 2000 grand am se 4cyc 2.4l engine
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james roe
most common on those was the coil housing assembly (the plastic battleship), next would be the ignition module.
that's assuming you even see RPM on the scan tool while cranking, and you are 100% sure you have a no-spark condition cuz that's very hard to correctly check on a Quad4
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Geoff Welsh

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